Heart for the Land

“Bringing Hope, Providing a Future.”


Heart For the Land, Africa.

Shelter, Food, Education

Real help for Real needs!!

About Us

Heart For The Land Africa is a non-profit organization that is building strong communities in Kenya-East Africa. We empower women and young people by providing resources to achieve economic self-sufficiency through education, affordable housing, child development services, health care, support services, and meaningful employment.

As a humanitarian organization, HFTL facilitates, collaborates, and networks with different businesses, churches, and individual partners in providing these recourses to reach the mission.

 We focus on women and children.

We help one community at a time.

We promote self-sufficiency.

“Our Vision is to empower women and Children, to help communities.”

HFTL Projects

Heart For the Land is continualy involved in developing projects throughout Kenya-East Africa.  Join us as a beacon of hope for the poor in developing countries, where few government social programs exist. Our goal is to support these indigenous people, working directly with the local communities. They already know the needs and just need someone to come along and give a helping hand.

Learn more about the following projects…

Compasion House

Shim Orphange

Silver Valley Medical Center

Community Development


Shim Children’s Center