Community Development

Water ProjectsWater tank

As the world moves boldly into the 21st century hitting a population mark of over seven billion, there is a growing concern with the availability of freshwater resources for human consumption. Water scarcity affects every continent around the globe, making it an international problem that is in dire need of world attention and prompt action. Currently there are over 1.2 billion people living in areas of critical water scarcity and an additional 500 million are steadfastly approaching this same situation.The problem is both natural and a human-made phenomenon. There is in fact enough freshwater to support every person on the planet, but pollution, inefficient uses, and lack of oversight have all played a key role in creating the situation the world currently faces. The effects of this problem can be evident throughout much of Africa and especially Kenya.

Micro Enterprise

Heart for the Land Africa is working a partnership with different individuals as well as church and business organizations to assist the both the youth and women by providing necessary capital and entrepreneurial support to start small businesses.

Funds given will help provide start up materials, equipment, capital, training, and consulting services to women and young people in order to establish successful income generating ventures including but not limited to: Dress making and tailoring, carpentry and joinery, hair dressing and barber services,  welding and soldering, auto and mechanical services, second-hand clothing businesses, small agricultural farming motorcycle taxi services, etc.