Fostering Hope and Optimism. Thank you our Sponsors!

Fostering Hope and Optimism. Thank you our Sponsors!

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A big thank you to all that have supported the work in Kiminini, Kenya from CEO (Child Empowerment Outreach).  One small action can transform a child’s life. Every week, we are involved in helping the needy children to have food, clothing, shelter, good health, and education.   Almost all the children come from down trodden communities, slums, and villages. They come without proper clothing. Their backgrounds are so sad and pathetic to listen.
These children often feel lonely  and are in need for care and love. We try to make and keep them happy and their lives better. It’s because of you, our esteemed sponsors that the work has been going on.
Located in Kiminini, Kenya, (West Central boarder of Kenya) the Heart For the Land Child Empowerment Outreach is a support ministry currently caring for 40+ children of various ages. Up until early February of 2012, the children were all living on the dirt floor of SHIM Church in Kiminini Kenya and had practically nothing for food, clothes, school or much else.

Whenever a child is sick, we take them to hospital. They are treated at a high cost too. One of the most essential needs is education and we are glad to see most of the children attending school and taking education seriously. All you have to do to see is, look into the smiles and laughter of their thriving lives. We continually manage to pay their school fees and the children are doing fabulous because of your Love and Support. Thank you for every gift you have given us. They all have been used wisely and productively to bless the children’s Lives.

1. C.E.O children receiving their personal greetings and happy birthday cards sent by Connie meyer.

2. Sharon Nice

3. Robinson Juma saying thank you. Edina’s trip this time around was to ensure all the children are back in school, tuition is paid for both private and public schools, and also purchase and distribute necessary supplies like detergent, soaps, cooking oil, corn, school supplies etc

4. Stella and Elizabeth will be moving to live near the school, with a teacher because their living conditions at home with their brother and sister in law is becoming unbearable. the head teacher has been supportive and initiated the process.

Michael Bushebi, a native Kenyan is one of the directors with the board who oversees Heart for the land projects including CEO in Kiminini, Kenya:
“Currently, there is not enough funding to house the children as a part of the ministry so we are operating a foster care program. We diligently check on the children weekly to provide things like clothing, food and school supplies.” He says.
One blessing is that we have hired a Social Worker Edina Nagawa to support the efforts of coordinating the Child Empowerment Outreach ministry. She is able to regularly visit each child and monitors all progress. With God’s blessings, the dream would be to one day purchase property and build a center that is available to house the children of the Heart For the Land Ministry.
Our previous trips to Kiminini (Transnzoia county) had to be pushed several times due to election season tensions. The situation is still volatile, and seems like it’s getting worse day by day. Our prayer is that as it gets worse, God’s glory will overtake the darkness that is seeking to creep in Kenya and life becomes normal again.